Celebrations And Events:

Any kind of celebration, it can become in an unforgettable day and in Restaurante Juan Moreno contribute to do everything possible.

Valentine’s Day

San Valentin 2018


If you are interested in the Raffle, please click Here

Gastronomical Season:

All year long, we organise differents gastronomical week. The topic has been diverse from a specific product (Raff tomatoe, Rice) to gastronomical tradition (Hunting, Minimum Fathers). These Season have been a successful events, as the different media have reported.

Our next Season will be in March, about Tomatoe Raff. We have maken four courses and aperitive, where Tomatoe Raff is the main character. You can see the special menu here.

 Sport Events

I Torneo Restaurante Juan Moreno



An example of other gastronomical season:


For special days like: Christmas day, Valentine’s Day, Saint Friday, etc…, we make menus about the season of the year.