Both the chef and restaurant Juan Moreno, have been awarded several times different awards. We would like to highlight the following prizes, recognition and awards as the most relevant the cheff has been given:

  • First prize of Almería “Gastrosur” in 1997.
  • Tourism Radio awarded the “Golden Plate” to the chef in 2003 and 2004.
  • Author of the book “Cocina de Almería” (Kitchen of Almería), published in 2004.
  • Honorary distinction from the City of Vera “Sol de Oro” given in Fitur in January 2007 .
  • Gastronomy Award “Al-Andalus” to the best restaurant of Andalucia in 2009.
  • Gold Medal, a professional development award given by the “Forum of Europe 2001” in Barcelona on May 22, 2009.
  • City award given to Juan Moreno Teruel for his career at St. Cleophas’ Fair by the City Hall in September 2009.
  • Gold Medal of Costa del Sol obtained in April 2010 .
  • Monitor Cooking Course through the Concierge Employment, 740 Hours, at Hotel Valle del Este in 2012.

Furthermore, Restaurant Juan Moreno belongs to the following associations:

  • Association of pastry chefs and cooks of Almería “Indalo”.
  • National Association of Restaurants “Buena Mesa”.