Juan Moreno - Head chef and owner

He's got many years of experience behind him. He has worked mostly in the province of Almería, as well as in Mallorca, Castellón, Alicante and in Switzerland. He has taught training courses in hospitality.

Ana Campoy - Meat and rice dishes

With decades of experience in front of the stoves, in addition to being responsible for her work station, she also collaborates with the creation of the new menus.

Beatriz Piñero - Desserts and cold dishes

She has extensive experience in the art of confectionery. She contributes to the elaboration of the new menus.

Isabel Molina - Fish dishes

She helps in the creation of new menus. She has taught training courses for kitchen assistants and hospitality.

Dining room

Miguel Moreno - Head waiter

He has got extensive experience in the sector. A wine lover, he has participated in two competitions for the best sommelier in Andalusia. He has also participated as an expert jury in wine tastings in different competitions. He won the award for the best wine taster in the province of Almería in 2014.

José Antonio Moreno - Sommelier

He chooses the wine pairing for the Tasting Menu. Sommelier course. He has taught waiter training courses.

Encarna Moreno - Waitress and co-owner

She has been working for many years and has done different tasks within the restaurant business. She is the manager and is also in charge of the decoration of the premises, always seeking customer's satisfaction.