Juan Moreno

The history of Juan Moreno’s Restaurant began writing many years ago, back in 1972. When I started my kitchen studies in the Hotel School of Almería , and later at the Hotel School of Granada , and working uninterruptedly for several provinces, such as Mallorca , Castellón , Alicante , a year in Switzerland, and finally in the province of Almería .

This last is where I’ve been the last few years , particularly in the City of Vera. Where I have reached major success and recognition . From 1988 to 2005, Vera -Hotel where I was to evolve as a chef.


Juan Moreno’s restaurant was inaugurated on August 8, 2006.

It was the starting point, although far from stagnate we have undergone several changes , not exclusive in the menu,  due to the demand for family reunions and company , in 2011 a new dining room was opened . In addition to providing meals, is approved as a teaching center where courses were taught hospitality . Another important development was the introduction of marble plates in 2012 , being one of the few restaurants in Spain that has them.

It’s a modern restaurant with traditional substance . The kitchen combines the traditional with the modern, aside from making seasonal specialties , here you can find traditional dishes along with cuisine, rice, celiac specialities , desserts that combine traditional and avant-garde cuisine . The service is professional, attentive , as if you were at home. Juan Moreno’s Restaurant, has the endorsement of the experience of all who work in , our years of personal experience  , unique and professional service.