Juan Moreno

The story of Juan Moreno’s Restaurant began many years ago. Back in 1972 I started my cooking studies at the Cooking School of Almería, which I continued at the Hotel School of Granada. I worked uninterruptedly in several provinces, such as Mallorca, Castellón or Alicante. I also spent a year working in Switzerland before settling down in the province of Almería.

Almería is where I’ve been these last years, in Vera in particular. My biggest successes have been achieved here. From 1988 to 2005 I was in Vera-Hotel, evolving as a chef.

Juan Moreno’s Restaurant was inaugurated on August 8th, 2006.

It was the starting point, although far from becoming complacent we have undergone several changes. These changes haven’t affected only the menu, because of the increasing demand of family gatherings and business meetings, in 2011 a new dining room was opened. In addition to providing meals, it has been approved as a teaching centre where bar and restaurant service courses are taught. Another important development has been the introduction of marble plates in 2012, the restaurant being one of the few ones in Spain that has them.

Its cuisine combines modernity and tradition. Aside from seasonal dishes, here you can find traditional dishes along with signature cuisine, rice, gluten-free food or classic desserts with a delicious twist.

The service is professional, attentive, as if you were at home. A personal professional service is guaranteed thanks to the wide experience of all our staff.